Rolex Boutique BelgradeRolex Boutique Belgrade

Petite Genève Petrović


Belgrade, the cherished nest for our family-owned company, gives home to the remarkable Rolex Boutique Belgrade of Petite Genève Petrović: A “Little Geneva” where our extraordinary team is fully committed to delivering on the Petite Genève Petrović promise. It is in this elegant, multi-story space that we invite our kind visitors to discover the world of Rolex watchmaking and timepieces, presented with our uncompromising commitment to excellence. Just as it is in Budapest and Porto Montenegro, the Rolex Boutique of Belgrade also operates a fully equipped Rolex atelier whose expert watchmakers are devoted to assisting with the servicing need of any Rolex timepiece.

Rolex boutique Belgrade

Reflecting the authentic style and tradition of Rolex in its ambience, the Rolex Boutique Belgrade displays an extensive collection of Rolex watches while also featuring a dedicated service area.

Rolex boutique Belgrade

By opening a new Rolex sales center in downtown Belgrade, Petite Genève Petrović has been crowning ten years of cooperation with a renowned Swiss company.

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With its highly trained staff and an interior that follows the latest design concepts, the Rolex Boutique of downtown Belgrade has become a must-visit destination for Rolex enthusiasts.

We invite you to create unforgettable memories in the sophisticated atmosphere of the Rolex Boutique Belgrade of Petite Genève Petrović, where we pledge to greet you with an absolute commitment to your satisfaction.

Rolex boutique Belgrade

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Petite Genève Petrović proudly operates four showrooms of truly outstanding standard: Three are dedicated exclusively to Rolex, located in Belgrade, Budapest, and Porto Montenegro, complemented by our Multibrand Luxury Boutique also in Belgrade.