Messika atelier

The temple of creativity

The Messika workshop is a place where virtuosos live. Jewelry, created from imagination. From the sketch to the glittering artwork that shines, there right in front of our eyes.

When the imagination comes to reality

Maison moves from the past to the future. It's a set of traditional and modern, yet avant-garde. It examines and crosses the boundaries. Messika design does not concern that time flows forward. They learn from the past and often go back for one more experience and another inspiration. Messika creates jewelry for all times

Crafts experiences

With the agility of our experts, the result is always there. Good communication and mutual understanding make synergy that creates. Modeler, 3 juveniles, positioning specialist, polishing expert, CAD designer for computer design, is the team that wins.

And the winning team should not be replaced.

Creative power

Valérie Messika is a modern business woman who works through imagination. She sees her studio as a kind of creative machinery. It all starts here and everything gets its shape. Although the most iterative force is imagination, tools are also needed. There is a bench for stretching gold, blacksmiths and countless tools. The phantasy and the skill united bring good results.

Inspiration in fabrics

The weaving technique of linen and knitwear inspired Valerie. The idea is to create flexible and elastic jewelry, although made of metal, allows her to create practical and wearable pieces.

Just as the fabric is adapting to the body, in the same way, the golden weaving adapts to your skin.

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